Limited offer! 70% off!

Hey there! I'm excited to announce a limited offer just for you. I've opened up 10 slots for full body, full color single character commissions with minimal background, at an incredible price of just USD 100 each! This is a huge discount from the usual rate of around USD 350.The best part? You'll enjoy a fast turnaround on these pieces!Don't miss out on this opportunity - make sure to get in touch before the end of June 2023 or before all the slots are filled. Looking forward to creating something amazing together at this unbeatable price!


Check out what my amazing clients have to say about their experience working with me! For more testimonials and feedback, feel free to visit this Reddit post where I regularly collect reviews. Your satisfaction is my top priority!

Client's review: I recently commissioned flygohr for several characters drawings. They were responsive immediately and had a really quick turnaround, plus they responded to my change requests rapidly. The art was fantastic and exactly what I was looking for. I would definitely seek to commission them again in the future!

Client's review: I recently commissioned u/flygohr for a D&D character I am playing. They worked with me to get the most important aspects of the character into a piece within my budget and came up with a better image of my character than I had in my head. They were very responsive and accommodating and I could not recommend them more! The art style is also quite unique to make it stand out among the other pieces commissioned in my D&D campaign and I'll definitely contact them again in the future!

Client's review: I recently worked with Flygohr to commission an original character/creature for a hobby project game I am making. Flygohr was very quick to reply and carried out my vision flawlessly. It was all handled very professionally and worked with me to revise anything that was done. I HIGHLY recommend Flygohr for any projects you may have. You WILL be happy with the result. Pleasure to work with and the work is top notch.

Client's review: I recently commissioned Flygohr for a character design for a game I'm working on. He was professional, informative, and kept communication flowing. I'm greatly satisfied and happy with the work done and am looking forward to future collaborations for other characters. Flygohr was able to absolutely nail what I was looking for in this character and helped bring them to life. He is a seriously talented artist and well worth the price for amazing artwork.

Client's review: Commissioned a piece from u/flygohr for an original character in a noir setting, and was very impressed with the work they delivered. Their style was an excellent fit and they matched the mood I was looking for perfectly.Beyond that, however, they were also thorough, polite, and professional through the whole process. They asked detailed questions, provided regular updates, included sketches of the work in progress, and were overall very accommodating. It was exciting to see them turn an idea into something more concrete, and I can easily recommend them for anyone looking for an artist.Thanks again!

Client's review: I contacted Flygohr for a last minute, rush commission. Despite the tight deadline, the replies were prompt and professional. The artpiece turned out phenomenally. Flyghor was receptive to, and quickly implemented, all changes I requested and kept me updated at every step of the process. A phenomenal artist to work with.

Client's review: I commissioned Flygohr for an original monster design/drawing. They were fast to reply to all my messages and kept me informed of all the steps along the way. I was absolutely delighted with the finished product. The quality of work, the speed of production, and the level of communication were all fantastic. Hire with confidence.


Looking for a private/personal commission? Check this page for my services and rates, and read the Terms of Service before ordering.As an artist dedicated to creating unique, handcrafted pieces, I take pride in ensuring that every artwork is made with care and attention – no AI used! Your satisfaction is important to me as we collaborate on bringing your vision to life.For commercial inquiries or licensing existing artwork, email [email protected].

Linework portraits

Linework portraits capture your character's essence through clean lines and intricate details, crosshatching, halftone patterns, and black strokes.


Starting at USD 100.00


Starting at USD 175.00

Full body

Starting at USD 250.00

Full-color portraits

Full color portraits bring characters to life with vibrant hues, rich shading, and expert digital painting techniques. These illustrations evoke emotion and tell stories beyond the surface.


Starting at USD 150.00


Starting at USD 250.00

Full body

Starting at USD 350.00

Custom illustrations

For custom illustrations such as groups, creatures, props or animations:Submit the contact form with detailed information about your project requirements and preferences so I can provide you with a tailored quote that best fits your needs.Remember that contacting me is always the best way to ensure accurate pricing and expectations for any unique requests or ideas you have in mind. Let's collaborate and create something amazing together!

Please note: Additional characters, pets, custom creatures or background additions may incur extra costs. For a personalized quote that includes these elements, please submit the contact form with your project details.

Always included

All of my prices always include:

  • Deliverables optimized for both web preview and print

  • Unlimited revisions at any stage of the process

  • Payment protection via PayPal

  • Original, layered files for futureproof editing

  • Unique, private link to purchase your commissioned art as a quality print

Special offers

Bulk Purchase Discounts: If you're interested in commissioning multiple pieces, I offer discounts for bulk purchases. Contact me with your project details to discuss pricing options tailored to your needs.Returning Clients: As a token of appreciation for your continued support, returning clients can enjoy special offers and exclusive deals on future commissions. Reach out to learn more about these benefits!


I've kept this page short and to the point to provide you with a clear understanding of the commission process. If you have any questions or require further clarification, please don't hesitate to contact me.

What I offer

I offer a wide range of creative services in my distinct style, including:

  • Character and creature design

  • Cover art and illustrations

  • Concept art and game art

  • Isometric art

  • Comics

  • Props

  • Environments

  • Small animations

  • And much more


  1. You make a 50% upfront payment to secure your spot in my schedule.

  2. We work together to develop a vision for your artwork.

  3. I create rough sketches for your review and feedback.

  4. You make the final payment.

  5. I complete the inking and lineart phase and provide progress updates.

  6. We collaborate on choosing a color palette during the flat coloring phase.

  7. I add shading and refine the artwork for depth and dimension.

  8. I deliver the final product to you in the format of your choosing.


I offer two optional services - a private INPRNT link to purchase a high-quality print of your artwork for around $20, and the original layered files upon request - free of charge, you just have to ask.


I prioritize your satisfaction and welcome communication at any stage of the commission process. Please discuss any specific requests or requirements with me beforehand, and I'll do my best to accommodate them.


All drawings will include a subtle signature for authenticity that might not be removed.


My top priority is ensuring your complete satisfaction with the commissioned artwork. I offer a flexible revision policy that includes minor revisions at any stage, free of charge. I'll request your input throughout the process to align the final product with your vision.If changes are requested after a previously approved stage, a fee will apply. However, in the event of a misunderstanding on my part, I'll resolve the issue at no extra cost to you.


I accept payments exclusively through PayPal for mutual protection. I use EUR as my home currency to safeguard against fluctuating exchange rates, and my pricing includes taxes in Italy. To begin the commission process, I require a 50% upfront payment, with the remaining 50% due upon approval of the preliminary sketch.


Once work on the commission has begun, I'm unable to offer a full refund. However, I'm willing to provide a partial refund based on the stage of completion.
If I'm unable to start your commission, you'll receive a full refund. If you cancel before work begins, you'll also be eligible for a full refund.
Please don't initiate a PayPal chargeback if you're due a refund. I'll handle the transfer personally. Initiating a chargeback when ineligible will result in forfeiture of the commissioned artwork.If there are any issues with these statements, we may discuss and change them before payment. I prioritize a smooth and satisfactory experience for all and commit to resolving any issues.


Please note that Gabriele Pezzin, a.k.a. Flygohr (the artist), retains copyright of the commissioned artwork. The artist may use the artwork for self-promotion, including but not limited to websites, social media, and publications. The buyer may use the artwork for personal use, but not for commercial purposes, claiming it as their own, or altering it without the artist's consent. Removing the artist's signature is also prohibited. The artist retains full rights to the image unless otherwise agreed upon.The buyer may purchase the rights to use the image for non-personal purposes at any time.

Thank you!

Thank you, your contact form has been submitted!I'll do my best to respond within 1-2 business days. To ensure you receive my reply, please add me to your contacts and check your spam folder just in case.Looking forward to hearing from you!


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